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The Board of Trustees of the Building Industry Association of North Central Ohio is the governing body of the Association and directs its affairs in a customary manner in accordance with the bylaws.

The Board consists of 7members, with a combination of Builder and Associate Members, as well as the Executive Officer of the Association. The President, First Vice President and Past President must all be Builder Members. The Secretary and Treasurer of the Board can be either a Builder or Associate Members. Each office has a one-year term.

The Board is comprised of a unique group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and each person brings their own expertise and talent to the table. The Board Members are all volunteers, and they invest a great deal of time and energy into the betterment of BIA members’ working and personal environments.

It is through their generosity that the BIA continues to become a more pivotal Association in the city and the state. Their time, effort and dedication to the Association are greatly appreciated. Thank you to each and every Board Member.


2019 Officers


Tom Franz

Franz Construction Inc.

First Vice President


Builder Trustees

Brian Fraizer

Fraizer Family Builders, LLCf



Nita Matern

Chicago Title Agency

Ted Wendling
Rinehart, Walters & Danner Assoc. Ins.

Executive Officer

Natilie Miller


Associate Trustees

Tim Knapp
Knapp Electric

John Hower

Rinehart, Walters & Danner Assoc. Ins.